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8 Tips to Stop Sweating After Lunchtime Workouts

Working out before work or during lunch is one of the best solutions for many sedentary workers to remain active…. but the thought of returning to work sweating can be a real turn off. Here are eight tips that will help reduce sweating post exercise so you can return to work confidently.

1 – Watch Your Supplements

Pre-workout supplements are becoming extremely popular, but the majority have high levels of caffeine – which increase and prolong sweating. Either skip the pre-workout shake or find a caffeine-free alternative to reduce sweating.

2 – Add Ice

University studies show that adding ice to your water while working out will reduce the amount you sweat as receptors in your stomach tell your body to sweat less.

3 – Shower Strategically

Start with your typical hot shower and gradually cool down the temperature (about every 10 seconds or so). Once the water gets very cold focus on the back of your neck, underarms and groin – these areas have large arteries close to the skin and will help you lower your body temperature. Also, make sure to leave no hot water in your hair, as this will warm you back up after leaving the shower.

4 – Go to a different room

Some steam is likely to lurk around that will warm your body back up. Leave the shower and go into another room to dry where the air is cooler.

5 – Pat – don’t Rub

Don’t rub yourself dry with the towel – the friction this causes will heat you up. Instead, pat yourself dry with a towel. Or, if you have some extra time, wear a bathrobe to initially dry yourself.

6 – Wear an undershirt

Avoid the sweat pits by wearing an undershirt. This problem was one of the key motivating factors for starting our brand, NVSBL. Our NVSBL Undershirts use premium Modal fabric, which absorbs 50% more than cotton and is extremely breathable. They’re also designed to be invisible, so your co-workers won’t know you’re wearing one.

7 – Cool your clothes down

Leaving your clothes folded up in your gym bag creates heat. Instead, lay them out to cool them down and let the heat escape. You could even go the extra mile and put your change of clothes in the fridge before going to gym!

8 – Buy the Right Deodorant

Some deodorant might smell great, but they do nothing for reducing sweat. Be sure to buy an antiperspirant deodorant, which has active ingredients (e.g. aluminium chloride hexahydrate) to reduce sweating.

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